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So Allie has a pair of pink and a pair of brown Carters leggings, and a pair of black Children's place leggings.  Where can I find other colors?  For cheap?
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Re: Leggings

  • I've been wondering the same thing.  Sometimes Baby Gap has some.
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  • Target usually has them for cheap. I also got some on clearance at Carter's (also with a 25% off coupon)--two 2-packs (one was turquoise and brown w/ white dots, the other set was dark pink and brown). They were less than $6 for a 2 pack.. they also had some other patterned ones (stripes, flowers, etc)

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  • Kohl's has carter's leggings in two packs for 9.99 I think? Something like that, but that stuff is nearly always on sale. They had lots of colors :)
  • I have bought quite a few from Target (Circo) for $4ish (sale $3-3.50 each) and Kohls (Jumping Beans) for $4-5 each (sale $3.99).  They also carry the Carter's brand for 2/$9 (and sometimes on sale).  We have gotten A LOT of wear out of the Circo brand.
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  • Yep. I just got a couple of pairs for Frankie at Target the other day. They had some cute dresses to go over them, too!
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  • I found a pair for $2 (circo brand) at Tuesday Morning.  It's hit or miss there, but worth checking out.

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