New to the boards...gingivitis question..

Hi All!~

I'm new to the boards..currently 24 weeks pregnant with twin boys! I just stopped working 2 days ago due to horrilbe men for bosses and recently I've gotten that nasty gingivitis thing they call a pregnancy tumor. It's so gross...always opens up and starts bleeding whenever I eat. Has anyone gotten this and if so any helpful hints to treat it. I read that it can stay with me til after I give birth. Gross! I'm brushing and flossing often but was thinking maybe someone had some t ype of helpful hint.


Re: New to the boards...gingivitis question..

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    I'm sorry...I have no advice about gingivitis. I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the boards. Hope you get some helpful sounds awful!
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    Thank you so much! It is awful!lol
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    I don't have any advice to offer - just wanted to say congratulations and welcome!
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