I now refer to DD as a 3.5 yr old — The Bump

I now refer to DD as a 3.5 yr old

EEEEK! That is so old!

When she was a baby, I never would have refered to her as a year-and-a-half if she wasn't precisely 18 months. Now that she's 3 yrs 4 mos, I just tell people 3.5 when they ask.

Can she pleeeeease stay little for a while longer? Or does this mean I need to have another one? ;)

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Re: I now refer to DD as a 3.5 yr old

  • time for another!  lol. 

    that's how dh feels anyway.  ds turned 3 and dh has the baby bug now.  help me.  I do not.  

    I am done.  ::: just keep rocking and whispering to self::: 

  • I know!!!! Almost 4-that is so old! lol!

    I have had the baby bug since dd turned 2.  Just recently started ttc, without luck :(   I need another baby in the house, I'm not done yet! ;)

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  • Oh yeah.  There are tons of things like this that make me think, "Where'd my baby go?"  When I think about the fact that I haven't changed a diaper in almost a year and a half.  When I see DS be so independent and do things all my himself.  The other day I watched him finish eating, put his plate/silverware in the sink, throw away his napkin, then go into the bathroom and do everything in there by himself too (lights, potty, flush, wash hands, lights off).

    While I love to see him be independent (b/c it still doesn't happen ALL the time), it still causes a little pang in the heart!

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