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Is this normal?

I just got a note from the room mom or DD's class asking or $50 from each parent in the class for the entire year for teacher appreciation at various points, Christmas, end of year, ect.  It is for 2 teachers.  Is this normal.  It is $900 she would get.  I know her and she lives in my neighborhood in a $500K+ house, so I am not super worried she would walk off with the money, but it just seems odd.

I gave DD's teachers last year $25 each for Christmas and EOY, so this will save me $50 in those two events alone, but seems sort of odd. 


Re: Is this normal?

  • That is odd.  I would politely decline and let her know you already have plans in for gifts.  Some parents may not be able to cough up $50. 
  • That seems like a lot. While I like the idea (as a former teacher) of everyone chipping in for a gift, this does seem like a lot of money!
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  • That is strange and not something I would do.  Not everyone can afford that and people should give what they want/can, not be made to particpate.
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  • That's what our daycare does, although they collect once in December and once in May.  The recommended donation is $30 at each time, but families are welcome to give more or less.  All of the gifts are combined and distributed to each teacher by the room parents.  Although we have more teachers per room plus student teachers, so this system simplifies it for all of us parents.

    If you have a concern about it, talk to the room parent.  Would you be more comfortable if they collected the money closer to the event?

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