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DH's reaction to SA possibility

I scheduled my first appt with my OB for next Wed the 6th. I told DH that the doc would most likely order some tests and that his would most likely be a sperm analysis. He looked at me with this cute dumbfounded look on his face and was like "well how am I supposed to do that?" I just started giggling and he was like "well you need to come with me to help!" Oh jeesh! I always assumed he could take care of that part. LOL

Re: DH's reaction to SA possibility

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    My DH was also confused by this. He has to gather his sample at home and bring it there. He's being squeemish but heck, I'd prefer his test to a blood draw and HSG!
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    Did they tell you it had to be delivered within 30 min? Or is that only for IUI/IVF. I can just picture myself speeding to the doctors office with sample in tow. He drives too slow to make it within that timeframe!

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    Oh, yeah.  I went with DH to "help" with his for the SA.  Let me tell you, there is nothing sexier...not.  Didn't help that at the time my RE's office (which has since moved and set up a much nicer shop) decorated the room for "collection" with, and I am not kidding, a football poster.  Say what?

    Turns out in the end DH did better the second time around (for depositing for freezing) without me there.  Go figure.

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    Hi lucy, my DH had the same reaction, we went about a month ago now, our RE is 2hrs away so we booked a hotel the night before and with help (and a long time) he did the the morning and we left straight after, about 20mins and the RE had the sample!!!  He is no good like that, i actually was getting worried it wasnt going to happen...your DH will be fine LOL Good Luck!!!
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    Ha! Funny stories. I guess the alternative - that they'd be psyched about it would be worrisome! Lol

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    Oh yes it would be very worrisome... Wink
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    LOL!  That's cute that he "needs" you there.  When my dh had one, he didn't even want to talk about it.  He did his deed and dropped it off--the end. :-)
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    I think your guy is pretty normal.  I did hear of one saint of a DH who actually did is "job" at WORK in a bathroom stall in order to get the "product" to the dr in time for IUI!!!!  Share that with your DH in a "had to walk to school up hill in the snow both ways kind of way" and maybe he will feel a little better.  ;)



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    I told mine that I'd rather trade places with him. He could go to the RE that you barely know and stick his legs in the air and then have some mans face staring at your "parts" and having someone sticking tools inside of you!!! He shut up pretty quickly :))) I was however worried that the DH would have trouble doing the worked out for him.
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