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Mini Erasers at Costco!

Hi Girls-

I saw a huge mini-eraser set at Costco of those Japanese erasers that a lot of your DC are into right now :) It was in the toy aisle!

 It was very cool! Wish I had a girl.....or a boy that was interested in them ;)


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Re: Mini Erasers at Costco!

  • Do you know of anywhere else they have them? I was in Costco, just to use their pharmacy- I don't actually have a membership, but I saw the mini-eraser set and I absolutely MUST have it. Am not going to open up a membership just yet though, so I'm trying to find another place that carries the eraser set. May end up having to special order it or something if no one else carries it...I can't even remember the brand name! I got so excited over this awesome eraser set that I didn't think to write down any info, LOL!

    Stick out tongue 

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