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Update and ? on foster to adopt in Georgia

As you know - my adoption failed.  So i took a step back for a little bit.  As I lost a little more than half  my $$ - I will have to wait til i save that back up (hopefully by tax time next year) before trying to get another match.


In the mean time - I am also going to try to see what foster to adopt looks like in Georgia.  Waiting on the call back (for the orientation class now).   If anyone has feedback on this let me know.

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Re: Update and ? on foster to adopt in Georgia

  • Your experience will vary a lot by county.  Also, your chances of being able to adopt will be greater if you are open to older children.

    I do have friends in Fulton who say that it's pretty easy to adopt infants there.  They have had something like five infant placements and have adopted three of them.  They are completely open about race, though.  Two of their adopted children are African American and one looks like she is Hispanic.  I'm not sure if they have ever even had a caucasian placement.  I do a lot of work in a county NW of Fulton, and infants rarely become available for adoption.

    Due to limited resources (we drained most of our savings for this adoption), our next adoption will either be foster to adopt or through Lutheran Services.  We actually almost went with Lutheran Services for this adoption because their fees are extremely reasonable.  Have you looked into them?

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