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Back from the ER..T&P please

What an eventful morning I had. I woke up early this morning to get ready for work & couldn't get out of bed. I had horrible, horrible cramping. DH carried me to the car & drove me to the ER. After running some tests and doing an ultrasound, the doc came in. He said that our baby looks great & is measuring on schedule but they found some bleeding near the baby. He told me they call this threatened miscarriage? I've never heard of this before but it really hit me hard. I'm on bed rest for the next few days until my next ultrasound on Wednesday. I'm feeling really sad because I don't want to lose this baby. I'd really appreciate any T&P. Thanks ladies.

Re: Back from the ER..T&P please

  • Sorry you are having to go through this!  Kick your feet back and take it easy (easier said than done, I know).  Hoping for good results on Wednesday!
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  • Every time you go to the ER its considered a threatened miscarriage or threatened abortion. I prefer the term miscarriage. I'm in the same boat. I went on Friday night and they said it was possible that I had what's called a subchorionic hemmorage. Which isn't a terrible thing if that's what you have. I'll be thinking of you but try and relax. Today you are pregnant and your baby is right where it should be. Good luck.

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  • Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way.
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  • Sending T&Ps your way!

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  • Just so you know, I pictured your DH carrying you like in a fairy tale... ah. To bad it wasn't for a better situation.

    Sending you hugs, and hoping everything goes okay on Wednesday.

  • I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for you.
  • You're in my T&P.  Do your best to relax and hang in there 
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  • I am so sorry. Lots of thoughts and prayers to you. Rest up and take it easy.
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  • Thanks ladies. I really appreciate all of the words of encouragement. 
  • Just said a little prayer for you.  *hugs*  Relax & get lots of rest today!
  • I'm so sorry, try to relax and stay positive. Keeping you in my T&P

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  • Positive thoughts to you, try to relax. Try not to stress too much.
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  • Tons of T&P for you!!! Take it easy the next few days. Get your DH to rent you movies and deliver you all your meals in bed. (And then milk that for the rest of your pg! or as long as you can)
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  • Sending t&p's your way!
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  • T&Ps on their way!  Try to relax the next few days...stay in bed and catch up on all those shows you've got taking up space on the DVR!  :-)
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  • I had something similar to this (or maybe even the same thing) with my first son.  They called it a subchorionic hemorrhage, and they told me that it would either resolve itself and be fine, or not.  It was discovered at about 8.5 weeks, and it resolved around 11 weeks.  When it resolved (the placenta reattached to the uterus), I experienced some brown spotting.  GL to you, and try to stay positive!
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  • Let yourself be pampered and take it easy. My thoughts are will you and the little peanut!
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