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Bought a cheap pair of comfy pants tonight from Target that has two ornamental buttons that actually came with a spare button. Which I found odd, but got me thinking about all the spare buttons I've accumulated over the years but have never ever used.

Have you ever used the spare button?



Re: Buttons

  • I can say that I have actually used a spare button or 2.
  • Nope, I have quite the spare button collection going.
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  • Yes.  I don't use them for their purpose though.  I use them in craft projects or in hair bows. I will take all spare buttons. 
  • image Dr.Loretta:
    I can say that I have actually used a spare button or 2.




  • I have never used a spare button.

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  • Maybe once or twice?

    I just saw a BEAUTIFUL wedding bouquet made entirely out of antique buttons and brooches.  

  • Nope I have never used one.  I have quite a collection though.

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  • I've never used even 1 of those buttons.
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  • I've used them for knitting projects but not to repair anything where the original button for the garment was lost.
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  • I have the collection...and some shirts that have lost buttons. But I really never think to actually fix the shirt. Maybe that will be an early new year's resolution.

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