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Expired CBEFM test sticks work

Just looked at the package of my CBEFM test sticks (only two left) and saw that they are expired. And not by a month or two. They expired in January. That is so unlike me to not have looked before last month.

Anyway, just reporting that I had several High days and two Peak days. So I think they worked nonetheless. The Peak day corresponded with my temp shift and cross hairs by So if anyone is on the fence about using old test sticks, they seem to be just fine.


Re: Expired CBEFM test sticks work

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    Not reliably so.  Sometimes they work; often they don't.  The problem is that without a dependable result it seems pretty useless to use them.  I would keep a few around in case I ever need to reset the monitor, but beyond that I don't recommend it.  (I have been using the cbefm for three years).
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