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Clingy 6 week old?

Is this a growth spurt or just a stage?

DS is super clingy. He HAS to be held during the day or he starts crying. He's fussy at night but will go down to bed same as usual. Before I could put him in his bouncy seat and take a shower and get ready before he would start to fuss and now I can barely get 5 minutes to shower before he'll start crying.

Please tell me this is going to end soon? He's starting daycare on Monday and I'm worried. I know they'll take good care of him but I'm worried about him being clingy.
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Re: Clingy 6 week old?

  • ENJOY your time while they are clingy and want to be held and by the way he's only 6 wks old.  Maybe he feels more secure being held and wanting to be close.  He's still so young.  If you put him in the bouncy seat and he cries after 5 mins put the soother in his mouth or just have a quick shower. When your DH or SO gets home go back up and have a longer shower, shave the legs, etc.  Or have a shower when he's sleeping.  Sleep time is when I get my stuff done. 

    Enjoy the snuggles while it lasts.  They grow so fast. 

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  • My son is the same way. He loves to be close to me or my husband. So we use a wrap so we can still do things but he feels close and secure.

    Have you tried a wrap or other carrier type thing? Just an idea. 

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  • My DS just started doing the same thing this week. Unfortunately, we're having a difficult time getting him to go to sleep in his crib because of this. He'll be asleep or very near it when I put him in his crib but then immediately wakes up and cries.
  • Mine is 6 Weeks old today, and he is also super clingy. I love it, but it's also exhausting! The moby wrap has been super helpful for me.

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  • The past couple of days have been this way for us too.  He's been really good about napping and sleeping in his crib ever since week 1.  But the past couple of days, it's been tough to get him to nap during the day unless we are holding him.
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