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what's cookin'??

It's friday night and my hubby is working so I'm sitting here being lame (as usual No)

Soooo what'd you have for dinner??

my hubby made hamburgers and I have THE worst case of heart burn/acid reflux tonight... they sure tasted good and I didn't gag them down Smile

Re: what's cookin'??

  • we went out for pizza, and for once i was hungry, so i chowed down, and now am right there with you with the terrible heart's so bad, i can't get comfortable No


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  • DiGiorno Pizza. It wasn't delivery..that's for sure!  LOL Pizza
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  • My DH just went to get me spaghetti-o's. Because that sounds amazing!!
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  • I got a calzone and the best salad ever yesterday!!

    So today I went and got another salad Embarrassed and finished my calzone. Yummy!

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  • Those of you with the heartburn - I have one word: ZANTAC.

    It absolutely saved my life last time around. If I didn't take Zantac almost every single night - I would pay for it - BIG TIME. I wouldn't have made it through the 3rd tri without it.

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  • I made this really yummy skillet thing that I love.  H doesn't mind it, and now I have two tupperwares for lunches. Its just carrots, celery, portabello mushrooms and frozen, cubed potatoes (hashbrowns) all fried up with a little bit of oil.  SO simple and SO yummy.
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  • My band had a gig last night at a really neat pizza place that's a few hours away. So I had a greek salad (skipped the feta Crying ) and a slice of veggie pizza.
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