35w5d OB appt.

I'm still 3 cm and 50% effaced. Babies look great according to the NST. My OB said I can stop taking the procardia as soon as I hit 36 weeks (in 2 days, yikes!). I'm going to wait a little longer though because if I go into labor on monday she won't be there because she's out of town until Tues. and the doc who's on call this weekend and monday doesn't do second baby breech vaginal births. I'm not having a section just because this younger doc hasn't been trained in a twin breech extraction.

I got a prescription for zoloft as well and I'll start that tomorrow night. I didn't want to wait at the pharmacy for 45 minutes while they filled it so I'll have my hubby pick it up tomorrow for me.


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Re: 35w5d OB appt.

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