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plans for the weekend?

We are going to the Festival in the Park on Saturday with friends, then possibly to another friends to watch some football after.

Sunday is GIANTS day!! Oh, and a play date for Lillian :)

Re: plans for the weekend?

  • That sounds like a good weekend!!  :) 

    Tomorrow morning we have B's last swim class!  At noon its NCSU football baby!!!  :) 

    Sat. night, date night!!!!  Whoo hoo, its been a while!!  We finally pinned down my in-laws to watch B, so we're going out for dinner & a movie! 

    Of course, the usual chores around the house and probably take B to the playground at some point.  Possibly long walk w/ a friend Sunday also. 

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  • This afternoon DH and I are going to get everything packed and in the back of my truck so we can leave at 5:30 am to go to Kings Dominon tomorrow with his Aunt, Uncle and their 2 kids.

    We won't be coming back til Sunday afternoon probably and then we will probably just chill and maybe go have dinner with his Dad and his GF or something.

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  • Tonight - spending the night ALONE at a hotel with some books, wine and lots of time to myself. I am super excited!!!!!!!! My DH is the best for letting me do this.

    Tomorrow - work =(

    Sunday - no plans, I think we'll have MIL over for pizza night. 

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  • Leaving work early today to shop for a dress for my surprise anniversary thing in 2 weeks.

    Tomorrow, DH is going to Virginia for a golf tournament with his work.  I am going to start Christmas shopping at TRU, then swim next door and eat dinner next door.

    Sunday, church then swimming probably.

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  • We're going out to dinner tonight with friends.  There will be at least 4 babies there so it'll be wild.  Tomorrow, we'll hang out at the house and watch football all day.  Sunday, we've got church and hopefully sneak in a nap!

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  • Becki-I am SO JEALOUS of you. That is my dream to go to a hotel alone and relax and order room service!!

    We have no plans other than work in our yard!




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  • Tonight: Visiting my G-pa at the hospital.  He had open heart surgery Wed. to replace his aortic valve and is doing amazing! 

    Sat: Consignment sale at our church, cleaning the house and going to dinner to celebrate our anniversary while my sister babysits.  It's the first time we're leaving Tipp for more than an hour and more than 2 miles away!

    Sun: Running 9 miles with my mom and finishing some errands.

  • Resting.  I have virtually no plans.  Just trying to avoid going into labor before my c/s Thursday. 

     Me, the couch, the pup, and football while DH does work around the house because he can't sit still.

  • ECU I cant believe its almost time for u to have your lil one!!

     Our weekend is gonna be relatively mellow esp. compared to the last few. Tonite i'm gonna go to my MIL to scrapbook a lil and then tommorrow evening we are going to a friend's smores party to break in their new firepit and then just hangout and catch up on shows!

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  • We're going to a picnic tomorrow and then we're taking a walk on the greenway on Sunday since it's supposed to be so nice out.

    Now that I'm done with home improvements and cleaning - I have a lot more leisure time!

  • We are going up home tonight for a wedding tomorrow, then off to the beach for a week with family for a MUCH needed vacation!  I can't wait :)
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