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EI eval results...long sorry

We had E's eval yesterday afternoon.  The team that came was a developmental psycologist, pt, ot and speach pathologist.  For newbies E was born at 30 weeks 10 weeks premature at 2lbs 5 oz and spent 69 long days in the nicu before coming home.  She has been in EI since discharge working on her delays.

The short story is that E is being discharged from EI.  She qualified 6 months ago for speach and for gross motor.  She did not have a great of enough delay in either yesterday for her to qualify. 

Yeah Ella!  She still is delayed in speach and gross motor but not the 2 months required.  Although I am a little confused about her gross motor since the way I heard it she has a 3 month delay (I need to see the report though).  She scored in many areas at 13 or 14 months (she is 14 months actual and 12 adjusted).  Her lowest subgroup was gross motor where she scored at 11 months.  This is due to the fact that she is not walking yet and all the 12+ month items are based off walking.  The pt said she thinks E is 4-6 weeks away from walking as she has very good balance and that she is wanting to be on her feet standing alot.  She did get her to take some steps holding only one hand.  In speach she scored higher in expressive language than her receptive which is the oposite of where she was at 6 months ago.  She now has 2-3 words and the speach path wanted her to have more but thought that it was developing.  Her highest sub group was social emotional which I am not surprised about.  She scored at 19 months...my little social butterfly.  She was charming the pants off the team and was super cute as usual.  I had to laugh at some of the things she didn't get.  She was confused when they asked where is Mama? I think because I was on one end of the room and dw was on the other.  We are trying to get her to do Mama (me) and Mommy (dw) but I think she is still a bit confused with that one.  Also for one of the tests (either small motor or cognitive) she needed to put blocks in a cup.  She happily did this but only put in 6 then dumped the cup and started over.  She did not get that one since she needed to put in 9.  Ummm who the hell decided that 9 was the magic number.  I called my other friends with termies and told them to try it and see what they got.  I am not concerned but it just kind of made me think of all the things preemie mom's have to worry about that other mom's don't.  We start the block cup drills tonight (haha)...she will have her damm 9 blocks in the cup by Sat!
So now we have our last visit with our home visitor from EI in a week.  We want to get her something since she was so wonderful to us.  Any ideas??

It is a very interesting series of tests that they do with her and it has been interesting how the test change as she gets older.  If you are interested in seeing where your child is developing you can go to http://asq.uoregon.edu/ to do the ages and stages questionare.  It is a shortened version of the full eval done for EI but is much more detailed that the developmental milestones that you find online.  You can print out your answers to bring to your pedi appointment and they do give you "results" thought when I did it last night all it said was that "Your answers on the ASQ indicate that your child is developing typically at this time."  So it does not give you the monthly breakdown that I have for skills.  It is interesting and it might help some people that are thinking there may be delays.  On that note I can't say enough about Early Intervention.  They are so nice and if you think you have a problem all you have to do is call and they come to your home for the eval (you don't need a doctors referral).  All services are done in your home (or daycare) and in MA there is a sliding fee we paid a $90 copay every 6 months for as many services as we needed (dev. psyc, pt, ot feeding therapy ect) plus we also got to go to EI playgroups (for free) which were run by pts/ots who worked on skills in a fun group setting.

Sorry that was long but I needed to get it out!

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Re: EI eval results...long sorry

  • Yay! Congratulations to E and mommies! 
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  • YAY for Ella!

    Both of my kids were in EI for speech. Gray entered at about 17m because he had no words and wasn't really babbling and Carter went in around 20m for poor articulation.  It was a great service! (and I actually need to call again and get Carter reevaluated for articulation.)

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  • YAY ELLA! what a rockstar!
  • imagessg73:

    We are trying to get her to do Mama (me) and Mommy (dw) but I think she is still a bit confused with that one. 

    FIRST, YAY ELLA!!!!!!!!!!

    Second, C and I are still confused with that one...I am Mama and she is Mommy, yet sometimes she and I say it backwards. *smile*

    (Keep up the good work Ella, and you know what Cutie? Putting 6 blocks in a cup, dumping them out, and putting the blocks back in is pretty darn smart!)


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  • Oh S, that's terrific! I must meet your little wonder soon! :-)


    I ditto the whole mama vs mommy thing.  I have no clue what K and I use half the time.  I think K was mom and I was mama, but since daycare and everyone else refers to me as mom I have a feeling the names might get reversed.  We'll see, I'm sure JB will decide things for us at some point.


  • We started with not being name specific - but about 3y we went to Mom (L) and Mommy (me.)  If the kids want someone specific or if we are together, they will use the "correct" name, but if they don't care or if I am alone with them, it is always Mom.
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  • How awesome! YAY!!!!

  • Way to go Ella!!!

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