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Flu Shot for Tots?

Is anyone getting the flu shot for their little ones?  I've been hearing so many horrific things about this years shot. Not sure what to believe.

Re: Flu Shot for Tots?

  • I'm not sure yet- what horrific things have you heard?
  • This is the first year that the institutions that make health care decisions in the United States are recommending the flu shot for everyone over 6 months of age. It also includes protection against the H1N1 (bird flu) so that you do not need both as the previous years.  Also, public hysteria is also running rampant for whatever reasons.  All you have do is see how many young kids have died from pertussis this year all ready especially in LA county from parents not vaccinating their kids to realize the dangers. You can also check to see the H1N1 is also a lot more dangerous in pregnant women for whatever reason.
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  • Good point. Thanks for the great advice!
  • I don't want to cause too much hysteria but i heard that this particular vaccine that is out has some serious side effects.
  • Where and when have you heard these things because they have not started vaccinations against the flu yet because it is not the season yet?

  • I am unable to vaccinate my baby, he is too little.  But as a health care provider I will definitely be getting mine!


  • They started at end of Aug.
  • Great. We're going next week.  They are combining H1 and Flu.
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