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Wyatts Story

I am new to the bump, as well at the nest and the knot :) I am a mother of 1, a 2 1/2 year old boy, Wyatt :) I am a younger mother, 23 this November.

On February 25th 2008 Wyatt changed my life forever.

Here is Wyatts story

My due date was estimated for March 26th 2008. My pregnancy went very well, no sickness, no stretch march and no heartburn. I was woke up instantly from my water breaking on February 25th around 3:30am. It was a gush, more than once. I woke my fiance up and called the hospital to see if I should come in, since I was having no pain.. at all. They told me I should come in to be checked anyways. So we went. I arrived at the hospital around 4am and was checked, I was 4cm along. I was admitted and into labor and delivery we went :) Everything went very smooth. No pain I couldn't breath through. My fiance was a great help, as well as my grandmother. At about a quarter to 9 I was checked and ready to push. Wyatt was born at 8:59am on Feb 25th 2008. He was checked over and estimated to be 5 weeks early. He was in the NICU for 2 hours after birth, but everything seemed fine. The next day we were discharged and sent home. On the 27th an at home nurse came to my home as I had a few concerns. Wyatt had jam like blood in his stool and looked very jaundice. She advised me that the jam like blood was hormonal and his jaundice was nothing to be concerned about. As soon as she left I got Wyatt and myself ready and off we went to the emergency where he was later admitted for dehydration or a possible diary allergy and severe jaundice. He was under the "blue lights" for 7 days! And supplemented with soy formula as well as breast milk. On the 8th day he was discharged and we were sent home for good. He is now a healthy and happy little man :):)

Re: Wyatts Story

  • Congrats to you and Wyatt!  How scary to go into labor early, but so wonderful that other than a slight hiccup, Wyatt was perfect and healthy!!
    Nathaniel David 3/22/11 #2 due 12/16/12
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