Mini Pill

Did anyone get pregnant while taking this?  I know it's not as effective as normal bc, but is it mostly user error, or even if you take it same time everyday you can still get pregant?  (can you sense a little panic?? Embarrassed I've felt pretty crummy the past week or two, and so tired, and my head just started comparing to the first month of preg last year)  I haven't had a period since May 09, which is great and all... but umm...sometimes that little monthly visitor is welcomed

p.s.  headed to buy a test tomorrow...

Re: Mini Pill

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    I did, with my twins.
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    Ditto, 6 months after my singleton, I got pregnant with my tubes are now officially tied! Stick out tongue
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    I purposefully don't prescribe them because I've had too many patients get pregnant on them.
    Clomid x 2 cycles ..... BFN. 6/08 Gonal F with TI- BFN. 7/08 Gonal F #2 - IUI 7/11, BFN. 9/22/08 IUI #2 and Accupuncture - Chemical Pregnancy. 11/08 IUI #3 with accupuncture - BFN. 12/08 IUI #4 BFN. 5/09 IVF #1 ER 7/6/09, ET 7/9/09 - BFN. FET 12/18/09 - BFN IVF #2 -ER 3/6, ET 3/9, OMG - BFP!!! Beta #1 3/22 -332, Beta #2 3/24 - 701, Beta #3 - 14,889 - 1st u/s - TWINS!! SAIF ALWAYS WELCOME!!! ***Why can't 88 million sperm and 3 eggs find each other in an organ the size of a pear??*** Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins--not through strength but by perseverance. - H. Jackson Brown
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