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Acid Reflux - how do you know if they have this?

Re: Acid Reflux - how do you know if they have this?

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    I was actually just at the pediatrician for this tonight.  The truth is all babies have a little bit of reflux.  Some it doesn't bother them at all to spit up others it does and they need medicine.

    My daughter is spitting up and not gaining weight.  Before they diagnose her with reflux and put her on meds they are having me go for an ultra sound and an upper gi tonight to check that there aren't any anatomical problems wither her esophagus.  They are checking tonight for something called pyloris stenosis.

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    My daughter would cry out while burping, arch her back, cry out an hour or two after eating, spit up, just not happy during those times...
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    DD would spit up like whole bottles. cry for awhile after eating. she was constitently fussy and just a very unhappy baby. took me 3 different pedi's to get her diagnosed because they kept telling me she was just a spitty fussy baby but i knew something was wrong with my baby. whether it was reflux or not something was off ya know. I know babies spit up and get fussy im not stupid! but DD was spitting up huge amounts all day long and she would just be sitting still. She has been on meds for about 3 weeks now and this past week I really started to see the difference. she no longer spits up after eating only if she is jossled around too much, like any normal baby and she is happy!! its worked miracles for us!

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