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And the 2ww begins..

We had our 3rd IUI on Friday...and now we wait.


All I can think about is baby stuff, and well up anytime there is something remotely related on TV.  I'm such a mess.  Good thing I'm not the one carrying. 

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Re: And the 2ww begins..

  • Sending baby waves :)
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  • Good luck!!!

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  • *Sticky baby dust* headed your way!
  • Sending good thoughts your way!

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  • Good luck!  I had my 4th (3rd cycle) one on Thursday.  It's getting to be so mentally draining, especially after the nurse assures you this is definitely the month! I know better than to believe her, but she shouldn't say that stuff to a woman that's already drained from this whole process!  
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  • Sending implantation vibes your way!  I wish I were in it with you again!  

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