1 & a half months old.

The girls are *almost* 2 months. This boggles my mind!!

Charlotte is still on the vent, but next week they'll try to take her off it again. The medicine that was supposed to help her reflux is working, but she is still struggling to gain weight and maintain it. The doctor's haven't been concerned about her level 3/level 2 IVH that she had during the first few days, but are concerned that it may have caused some damage , by the way she reacts to touch, and movements. They'll check it out on Monday please pray that she's just a little stinker, and nothings wrong! :)

Elizabeth is still on oxygen, but has been have some wide ranging oxygen levels. Her recovery after the PDA surgery went good, and it's a relief that one problem has been fixed. 


Gavin is adjusting VERY well. Once he got used to the schedule we implemented, he florished. We haven't been pushing calling us Mom or Dad, in fact we have struggled with what to have him call us so he wouldn't be confused, but about a week ago he just started it out of the blue. It's 'Mana this' & 'Dapa this' and 'See this Mana?'. Night time is still a struggle. Tonight he said 'No nigh 'ime' and just cried as he laid there. He doesn't put up a fight or try to get up. He just cries, once for an hour, until I break and go lay by him. Sometimes I wish he'd just rebel by coming out or something. I need to let him cry it out, but it breaks my heart that he could be crying for his real mom, or something else.


Thanks for reading! Hope all is going well for all of you. 

Re: 1 & a half months old.

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