Yay! Finally picked costumes for Halloween!

I usually have costumes already bought/made by now but this year I have seriously been slacking.  But tonight we finally decided.  

We are doing the classics as a group.

Kennedy is going to be a Witch (the prettiest as she says)

Kaydance is going to be a Black Cat (tutu, rhinestones for her nose and whiskers, fuzzy ears & tail, gloves..the whole 9 yards)

Landon is either going to be a skeleton or a spider.  Both can either be made or bought.  I will decide once he finally makes up his mind.  I think we are going to lean towards spider.  

I am going to be a Pumpkin.  (no clue how to make this) Any tips are greatly appreciated. 

My sister is going to come in and dress up with us.  She may be a ghost but not sure.  

Im just glad to know so I can start working on them.  I bought Kennedy's at once upon a child.  Great find and in her size!  Store tags still on for only $6.50.  (orig. $25)  I just need to buy her a small broom, black boots and figure out makeup. (or should I let her go without)

Our other option was superheros.  I just wasnt feeling it this year plus I would have to buy those.  This year we just dont have the extra $$ to spend $30+ on each costume.  So home  made = cheaper = :)

What are your kids going to be? 

Re: Yay! Finally picked costumes for Halloween!

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    VERY cute idea! I would have never thought of that- but I love it!  We do a family costume each year- we might have to be "the classics" one of these years!

    this year we're Toy Story characters... last year we were Yo Gabba Gabba characters.

    I would rather be a vampire than a pumpkin - maybe you should rethink your costume :) lol

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    OHHH!! I totally forgot about vampire!  I'll make dh a pumpkin...he has more of the body for it anyways!  ;)  Thanks!!  

    I thought of this because I felt like I sort of cheated my kids from being the fun classic costumes that babies/toddlers usually are.  So we are making up for it this year!  

    I loved your YGG costumes last year!  We really like YGG and are going to see them in Richmond Oct. 15th.  I think Im the most excited...but then again the kids dont know yet!  lol :)  

    I came this >< close to doing TS3 but the girls were fighting over who was going to be Bo Peep.  neiher wanted to be Jessie and I didnt want to of the same.  So I nixed it.  Plus I love the classics idea.  Cheap and hand made for the most part.   

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    cute!  I think we are going to have the girls each be a different flower and then get a bee costume for our dog (which he'll hate, but it will be worth the photo op!)
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    We're doing super heroes, but I went cheap by buying BAtman and Superman onesies at Old Navy. I'm just going to have the boys wear sweatpants and i'll make cheap capes out of felt. Angie is going to get a real costume - Wonder Woman.

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