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Using a babysitter for the first time tonight. What do I need to think about

Other than leaving numbers written down that she can call for emergency purposes is there anything else I need to make sure I leave out or do for her? DS has always stayed with family because we live 20 minutes from my parents and 2 hours from my ILs so we just have never needed an 'outside' babysitter.

Re: Using a babysitter for the first time tonight. What do I need to think about

  • We leave a list of "babysitter rules" (things like don't leave the baby in the room alone ever unless he's in his pack-n-play, don't answer the door ever, don't let the dog out, etc...).  We also leave snacks.

    Have fun tonight!

  • Make sure that on the phone list you list your LO's pedi's information just in case along with the phone number of where you will be.

    In case something happens list what hospital you want her to request your LO to go to if you have a preferred one.  

    I would write down a "Do not have" list such as no juice, peanut products etc...

    Maybe a list of suggested snacks and food, times when LO usually eats, how often you would like the diaper to be checked.


  • i would give her a schedule and what should be done when.  i know you will run through that with her but i know for DS, what seems so simple to me, probably sounds like a lot to an outsider.  also, go ahead and leave meals/snacks prepared on a plate for her so she can take it out and serve to DC.  plus, some extra snacks that she can eat.  be sure on your list of #s is poison control. 
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  • We're using a babysitter for the 1st time tonight too. Good luck to both of us!
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  • I would echo all of the advice given above. But, above all: enjoy yourself and don't worry too much about your child.

    We used a non-relative (neighborhood teen) for the first time a few weeks ago. I was a nervous wreck. We came home and J was sleeping peacefully and she was emptying our dishwasher lol.

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  • All great advice above. I think the only thing to add is a phone number of a neighbor and an outline of bedtime routine. We explain that they can alter, but that way they know what DD expects.

    Enjoy yourselves!

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  • I always leave snacks too.
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