32 weeks and a question

so yesterday at the us baby boy is 4.9 and girl is 4.10. 

belly is measuring 40 weeks.  

what did you ladies measure at 32 weeks?

I can't imagine what I will measure in 6 more weeks! 

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Re: 32 weeks and a question

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    Great weights!

    I measured 40 weeks at 28 weeks but I've got three in there.  I totally know what you mean about not being able to imagine what I will be like in a few weeks.  I have no more room!!!

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    I've measured about 8 weeks ahead the whole time.  At 32 weeks I measured 40 as well.  I grew a ton this week (33 weeks today) and I can tell a huge difference.  I can't believe I could go 5 more weeks (hoping to make it to my 38 week scheduled c-section).  I think I am going to be massive. ;)
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    I was measuring 43 at 32 1/2 weeks.  Around 30 weeks or so my belly appeared to stop growing outwards and started to grow longer and wider.  (If that makes sense?)

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    I never got a measure, but at 34 weeks my babies were 5lb1oz and 4lb14oz

    I delivered at 37 weeks and they were 6lbs and 6lb1oz.

    Sounds like you are doing a great job growing those babies!

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    Awesome weights!

     At 29 weeks, I was measuring around 37.  I have been measuring around 8 weeks ahead for a while. 

    It's crazy but remember that those measurements are for a singleton and my doctor said it's absolutely normal for twin moms to measure at or around 50 weeks by the end of their pregnancy.  Eek!

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    oy, I am going to be stretched to the max by the end. 

    both of their heads are smack in the middle of my stomach and I can just feel my belly stretching.

     I couldn't imagine 3 in there!  

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    Hehe, I just got back from the doctor and I'm measureing at 43 weeks! Holy cow!
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    i'm at 31 weeks and am measuring at 35 weeks.  i have a measurement u/s in a week.
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    At 32 weeks, I measured 40 weeks as well.  Smile

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    I just went to the OB today and measuring 42 weeks!  Eeekk 
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