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 I use to  be on the bump a lot before having my lil one, but it's been awhile.  I'm doing my mom a favor.  She's a babysitter/provides daycare.  She's looking for new kids to welcome into her home, and I'm posting for her here on the nest. We've also posted on Jen's list.  Here's her posting

Hello, I've been a babysitter for over 25yrs & have cared for children literally from 1mth old til they were off to H.S.Families have entrusted their children to me for many years. I'm looking for new kids to welcome into my home. Please give me a call if you're in search of a new f/t sitter for your lil ones.Fluent in Eng&drive. I have a beautifully maintained home to welcome your children into in the

Monterey Park,CA area.(M-F 8-6)

Maria S. 626.280.1161  

Ref: Ana 626.926.3660 5yrs, Sarah 626.232.4185 12yrs, Lilly 626.757.6830 approx 1.5yrs. These were most current.

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