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Just moved here:)

Hi. We just moved here from Memphis. We are living in Muskogee. Dh's family is in Tulsa. My little girl is 13 months. I was wondering about pedi's, playgroups, churches, and ob's ( we just started TTC for baby number 2). Thanks so much ladies:)

Re: Just moved here:)

  • Hi and welcome! As you've already noticed, this board is not active at.all! (sadly). The regular OK nest board is active and there are several girls from Tulsa and eastern OK there, so I would recommend you check that board, instead. Good luck!
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  • 918moms is a tulsa based mommy group that has a website with lots of information about these things!  They also have a playgroup that meets to do fun things around Tulsa.  Tasha does Tulsa is a good website also to find places to meet people/have fun on the weekends.



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  • my boys went to the dr office with the train on the building...dr. whatley was the name of the dr. he wasn't half bad... the waiting room doesnt have any toys so you will have to entertain your child on your own...the longest wait we had was 15 min. hope this helps
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