Synagis shots?

Hello... I posted this on the preemie board but I thought you ladies might have some experience with this issue too. My girls were born @ 32 weeks and spent 18 days in NICU and never had any respiratory problems and never needed oxygen. They were basically in NICU until they learned how to suck. I received a letter about the Synagis shots and I wondered if anyone had experience with them and if they recommend getting them. My girls are not in daycare and do not go to a babysitter so they are not exposed to other children on a regular basis. Advice??

Re: Synagis shots?

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    My oldest had them during his first winter (ages 6-10 mos).  He had them monthly.  It is preventative for RSV.  He was given them because he had a heart defect at birth that was corrected at 6 mos old via open heart surgery.  The last thing he needed was to be in the hospital for something preventable.  He wasn't in daycare at the time, but started shortly after completing the series.  

    I'd say that if it has been recommended, to do it.  Be sure to check insurance coverage, though.  When my son had them, it was in the neighborhood of $500/unit, and around the 3rd/4th shot, he needed two units (based on weight).  We met our ded/his OOP max with that first shot of the new year!  

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    My boys were born at 28 weeks.  Because they were under 1500 grams at birth, they automatically qualified for them.  I know that there are certain requirements they have to meet before insurance will pay for the shots. 

    We only had to pay a $25 copay per baby and the rest was build to insurance.  When we got our first EOB I about fainted.  The shots were $700 for one shot and they got them from November to April their first winter.

    My boys didn't go to daycare either and still don't.  They didn't qualify their 2nd year because they never got sick their first winter at home

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    Our Pedi recommended them for our girls because they were preemies.  Only babies born under 36 weeks qualify.  It's basically so the babies don't get RSV.  Because if they did get it,,,they are high chances that's they'd end up pretty sick...maybe even hospitalized. Our dr had to fill out a bunch of paper work to apply for it with our insurance.  It's $1000 a shot but we only pay the co-pay and they get one every month starting Oct or Nov (not sure how long).  I know the RSV season runs Nov-Apr.  We decided to try for them because DD is 10 and will be bringing it home from school at some point.  Dr said every gets it...just a matter of how bad they get it. 




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    If you qualify and can afford it I think you should get it.  It can't hurt to use precautions!
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    Check your insurance.

    At 32 weeks, my insurance would not have paid for that.  Even for the first season:  the cut-off is 30 weeks 6 days for my insurance plan, unless there is specific respiratory problems.

    At 30 weeks, we were covered for one season.  They will not cover this season though since there was not any additional respiratory problems.  If it were covered, I would do it though. 

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