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Pregnant Clothes Horse

Ok.  I LOVE fashion and I LOVE clothes.  However after I entered my 2nd trimester I have realized that those two loves and being pregnant in Alaska might not work together.  Where have you been buying your maternity clothes and what do you suggest?

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  • I have been wondering the same thing!! I'm not as far as along as you, and I'm obviously not showing, but if you find somewhere decent up here please let me know!!
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  • Well congratulations!  Let me tell you if Express or Urban Outfitters made maternity clothes my life would be complete!  To be honest, yesterday I dragged my husband all over the place and only found 2 maternity shirts.  I get my dress pants from Motherhood Maternity which is in the 5th avenue mall here in Anchorage.  I was not able to fit into their jeans so I just broke down and ordered them from online from Gapmaternity.  I plan on having more babies so I am really not worried about how much they cost!  I also ordered some shirts from Old Navy online.  I literally did this yesterday because I got tired of searching.  I will definitely let you know how it works out for me!
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  • I haven't gotten any yet, I just got a BeBand from Target and I love it! I would maybe try burlington coat fac, sears or ON online.
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  • burlington has baby and maternity stuff??????
  • they have a lot of baby stuff!!!!!! They have a maternity section too.
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  • Target is awesome. If you're clothes still kinda fit, buy this little stomach holdy thing, sold at Target, that lets you wear you're regular clothes. It allows you to have your pants undone and the material covers it up. Sorry, I don't remember what it's called.  Pea N' a Pod also rocks, but you have to order it online and it's kinda spendy.
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