Edema...anyone else have it?

I was talking to my dr. last week about this bubble/bulge on my lower stomach and it hurts really bad. It changes shape (lol sounds kind of funny) depending on how I'm sitting and it's really not comfortable. She said it was just normal for some mothers of multiples and that it was fluid retention under my skin. She didn't seem concerned at all, just said "we'll keep an eye on it.." So as I googled it, it came up as edema. I know you can't diagnose yourself via the internet, but it sounds exactly like what I have.

So, did anyone else have this? Did it go away on its own after the birth? Did you have to have it drained or anything?? (I'm driving myself nuts until tom's dr. appt. when I can ask her more about it)

Thanks for your help

Re: Edema...anyone else have it?

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    Edema is just the medical term for swelling/fluid retention.  Your dr just told you what she thought you'd understand.  

    I didn't have in in my stomach, but it was pretty severe in my left leg. My foot was huge at the end of the day (I worked till 32 weeks FT, then PT). I still have phases (like the week before my period) where it's worse, but it's not near as bad.  I had a doppler ultrasound done for a clot, and that was negative.  I still have a lot of issues related to my pregnancy (back pain is the root of most), so hopefully as I continue to lose weight it will go away.  

    I wouldn't google and I would just trust my dr that it's nothing to be concerned about.


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    I had 20 lbs of it - it was everywhere.  I've seen patients with labia that are the size of oranges from it.  I've also seen patients whose skin on their abdomen looks like an orange peel (the fluid surrouding the hair follicles).  It's fairly normal for a multiples pregnancy.  You will pee it off after you deliver. 

    Just be prepared that it may get worse before it gets better.  I retained even more water after I delivered, and it took 2 full weeks before it was gone. 

    Three losses in 2009; Boy/Girl twins born in 2010 image
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