Did you use Mederma or anything?

My belly is starting to itch.  It's not a big deal really but I'm thinking about starting to use Mederma or maybe cocoa butter or something.  Did you use anything?  What do you recommend?  It would nice to find a lotion that would prevent/reduce stretch marks and loose skin, but I'm not counting on that!
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Re: Did you use Mederma or anything?

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    Unfortunately, I don't think anything really prevents them from happening :(  I used a Cocoa Butter cream that was to "prevent/minimize" stretchmarks.  I don't think it did anything.  Now that there is no more stretching going on, I am considering trying the Mederma stretchmark cream I keep seeing commercials for.  It's pretty expensive though, from what I hear!
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    nothing prevents stretchies :( If you're going to get them,  you will get them. but you can minimize the itchiness by keeping it moisturized throughout the day. I used to use body butter and moisturizing baby lotion constantly. Just what ever you do... DONT SCRATCH!!! it makes them worse... Good luck & congrats on your babies. How exciting:)
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    Do you have any red spots around your stretch marks?  If so, it might be PUPPS and you'll probably need hydrocortisone, at the least (check with doctor first on this.) Dandelion root can help too.  I have a whole list in my bio of things that helped, but hopefully it's just regular itching and not PUPPPS.

    If it's just regular stretching, I'd go with cocoa butter or something.

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    I have been using the Burt's Bees Body Butter. I love it. It keeps my belly moisturized all day, and keeps it from itching.
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    I used vitamin e oil during both of my pregnancies. It really helped the itch. I didn't get any stretch marks with my singleton pregnancy and I got very few with the twins, not sure if I have good genes or if the vitamin e oil helped. 
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