honda accord owners

We are trying to install our carseats but apparently the car has the wrong kind of seat belts?????? My dh can't figure out how to make them sit tight in the car. We have the Graco snugrides. Any help??


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Re: honda accord owners

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    I have a Honda Accord too so I would like to know this as well too!
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    Graco Snugrides and Honda Accords are so popular - I can't imagine them not being compatable! 

    I would go down to your local fire station - they are certified carseat installers and they can help you install it.  You can also call the post partum floor of the hospital where you're going to be delivering and asking if there is a certified car set installer on staff.  My old hospital had a few of them on staff.

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    We have a 2007 and chicco keyfit 30.  I had them installed at the fire house and they work fine.  WE did the seatbelts, not the latch, as recommendec by the police officer.  I will say, one is in the middle and it comes a little loose over time so I retighten it. 

    i don't know what you mean by wrong kind of seatbelts?

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    I second getting it installed.  Something like 90% are installed incorrectly, so I think it's good to have someone qualified show you how for each new seat/car.  Maybe you need a locking clasp?  Anyway, go to and you can search for installation places by zip code.
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    Agree with everyone else! I have both and we had them installed at our local firehouse.  It took 2 guys to install it.  They said it was the toughest car seats they had ever installed.  I'd leave it up to the pros!
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