We bought the boys the baby einstein jumperoo yesterday. DH had the worse time getting it together and nearly threw it out the window (which was hilarious! )

Well anyway- I was all excited for them to try it and even on the lowest setting their feet are a good two inches from the floor- when were your babies able to use it?

Re: Jumperoo

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    we started around 3.5mo when they had good head control - and would put a pillow underneath it so their feet could touch. They won't jump for a while though - which is good... but ours  did love standing in it at that age.
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    Same as Goldie.  We'd just put something under them to make them touch.
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    My babies started to use it at daycare at 5 months. They have pretty good head control. They LOVE It.  They have an entertainment center at home and we put a pillow under their feet.
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    Ours are loving their Jumparoo right now.  We started using it maybe 3 weeks ago.  I wanted to make sure they had good enough head control. 
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