Two VERY different night sleepers (long)

For the most part my LOs are great sleepers and are actually on a pretty predictable schedule already with 5ish hour stretches of sleep at night and a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 2+ hour nap in the afternoon.  We feed them bottles of pumped breast milk and supplement some with formula, and we keep them on a 3-4 hr feeding schedule during the day and let them dictate the schedule at night, but if one wakes during the night to eat then we wake the other to keep them on the same schedule.

I started to notice that DS is the one who is ALWAYS waking to eat during the night, never DD.  DD has virtually never woken to eat on her own, we always wake her up when DS is hungry.  She ends up doing a dream feed and goes right back to sleep.  Well last night I decided to just let her sleep and see how long she would go before waking up to eat.  She went NINE HOURS before I woke up at 4am, freaked out and woke her to feed her. She probably could have gone longer, but I didn't want her to go that long without eating.

They will be 6 wks old in a few days.  (Obviously I will ask this question to my pedi too, but it's a 3 day weekend...) Do you think it's ok to just let her keep on sleeping that long (even if it's 8-10 hours) with no food? 

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Re: Two VERY different night sleepers (long)

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    I have no idea really, but my LOs are 7 weeks old and our pedi said we could go up to about 5 hours between feedings.  She said the concern with letting them go too long is their blood sugar levels could drop. 
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