question on the Baby Jogger

Do most of you buy the two infant adapters to use with carseats or do you just use the recline option?  I swear they should offer college courses on how to pick the right stroller! So overwhelming ..

Re: question on the Baby Jogger

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    I have no answer but I do know that the bob double jogger only holds one infant seat.  My mom also told me today that there is a fantastic article all about baby joggers in this months issue of runners world.
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    PP is correct, the bob jogger will only hold one infant seat; but the Valco Tri Mode has the option of buying bassinet additions for both newborns.

    Good luck! 


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    are you talking about the BJ City Select stroller? Or a Bob jogging stroller?

    there are very few SBS strollers that take 2 infant seats - and most are quite wide...

    If you are talking about the BJ City Select - then I will say that I did not get the carseat adapters b/c I got the stroller by the time one of my twins was already out of the seat (they were about 7mo old by then).... so it wasn't worth it for me.

    But if i was getting it for 2 infants- i'd use the car seats for sure - it's soooo nice to put babies in and out of a snap-and-go situation- and it's a much nicer ride with the BJ Select frame than using a regular DSNG frame - which is super long and just not a great ride.

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    I have a BJ city mini but didn't get it til the twins were about 8 months old & started them right in the seats at that point. I used a double snap n go before that, which is so lightweight & easy & I wasn't ready to commit to a real stroller  until I had figured out what I wanted and the different options & pros/cons. 
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    We just got our car seat adapters in the mail last week.  We're going to use our BJ City Select from the very beginning, instead of buying a DSNG.   I also didn't like the idea of moving the twins from their car seats into a reclined seat.

    A lot of places were sold out of the universal adapter.  (Check to see what kind you need, if your car seats are Chicco, you need an adapter specifically for that brand.)  I found an online website called that had the adapters, plus shipping was free and they paid the sales tax.  It was the best deal I found.  We got them about 5 days after we ordered them.


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