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Bummis v.s. Thirsties duo covers for newborn and snaps v.s. velcro?

I thought I had made up my mind to use Kissaluv 0 fitteds, some prefolds, and then purchase 4-6 thirsties duo covers.  However, bummis seems to also be rated well and may be a bit slimmer.  There's the super brite (exposed PUL?) on the inside and Super Whispers with a layer between the baby and the waterproofing.  Plus I might be able to ge the bummis for $3-4 less than the duo's.  On the other hand they come in NB (roughly up to 9-10 lbs) or smalls 8-16 lbs.  This makes another decision of what size to purchase if I go the Bumis route.  Can anyone weigh in on this?

On another note:  Snaps v.s. Velcro?

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Re: Bummis v.s. Thirsties duo covers for newborn and snaps v.s. velcro?

  • I found the Bummi's to be stiff and I did not like that as much as the Thirsties. I generally prefer snaps to velcro.
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  • I had bummis (both superbrite and super whispers) and thirsties duos. The bummis did not last long, but I really liked them. I love my duo wraps and am still using them now.

    I have velcro. it is easier and I have not had a problem with them. I do like snaps for when he is older and will learn to master velcro, but for smaller size it is fine.

  • I prefer Bummis to Thirsties.  Like PP said, snaps are good for when they're older, but velcro are just as good for when they're tiny.
  • I like Thirsties much better than Bummis.  The double gussets are great and the Duos save you money if you end up using diapers that need covers past the newborn stage, since they go up through size small. 

    We are a snaps family (mostly because of our experience with cruddy aplix on our BGs), but our Duo Wraps have velcro because they didn't make snaps when we got them.   That said, the Duos have pretty good aplix and I will shortly be using them for baby #2, so I don't really mind.  It's a little easier to get the velcro attached on a squirmy baby.

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  • Right now the bummis fit better than the thirsties in the XS. My LO is still tiny and has thin legs, so the bummis XS small fit much better.  I think that the thirsties will work once LO gets a little bigger. 

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  • I liked the fit of bummis x-small better but they didn't last long. I felt that the duos were a  bit big until just recently (he is 12lbs now). However, the velcro on my bummis is already falling apart. and we have only used cd's part time for a couple weeks. Because of this I will now be a snaps girl.

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  • I like them all equally.  The only difference is that we're out of the bummis NB size already, and still can use the duos.

    I like velcro at this stage.

  • Superbrites are great for the first few wks.  I had a 8lb 3oz baby & the thirsties covers were quite big on her in size XS for at least a month.  Bummis superbrites were perfect.  I just had 2 to get me through until the Thirsties fit though.  Overall, the Thirsties are my favorite cover for fitteds.  They hold everything in best & the double gussets are great.  The Bummi whisper wrap was our least favorite cover so far & has one gusset.

    I vote velcro for covers.  You aren't using each size long enough to wear out the velcro IMO.  We are out of the XS size ones already & the velcro is perfectly fine. You can get a better fit w/ velcro. 

    I have some OS dipes that I got with snaps b/c as kids get older they can pull the velcro open themselves & I don't want to deal w/ that down the road. 

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  • I prefer velcro to snaps because it's easier to get a snug fit.  I find that I have gaping issues with the snaps sometimes.

    I have Bummis and Thirsties and like the Bummis better.  That extra layer of waterproofing is really good for DS who tends to be a big pee'er.  Have you looked at Real Nappies yet?  Their covers are made of the same fabric and their 6 pack special here is 50% off right now.  I use them and they're awesome.

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