Yay-the end is near!

We just got our induction scheduled for Sept. 23!!! I can't believe it's about 3 weeks away! I will be 38w4d if I make it that far! I am so excited to meet my girls and I am way ready to get a comfortable nap in once and a while (I know I won't be sleeping all night, but a few hours of non painful sleep will do!). We're planning a vag. delivery as both girls are head down....we'll see how things go! I am soooooo glad to have a  "date" that will be the end. I feel so much better now!Big Smile Now to keep them cooking a bit more

Re: Yay-the end is near!

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    I hear you on the sleeping! I felt this way with my son, too: even though your sleep is still broken up into short chunks, at least you can lay down comfortably and actually sleep during that time! Congrats on the induction date!
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    Congrats! That's so exciting! I can't wait to get an official end date!
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