Induction scheduled!!

The end is near and I am soo excited to finally meet my boys!! After I went into PTL at 33w6d, the two dr's I'm seeing thought it would only be another week before I would be in labor again.. but here I am, 4 weeks later, still holding on!  I'm hoping I go into labor this weekend on my own, but if not Thursday September 9th is go time!

Those who carried their twins to 38 weeks.. how much did they weigh?! JW!

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Re: Induction scheduled!!

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    I was induced at 38w2d and my girls were 6lb9oz and 6lb12oz.  Good luck!
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    Well good luck this weekend, but if not good luck Thursday! Very exciting! I gotta say I'm a little envious but I've still got a few more weeks.
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    My twins were born at 38 weeks exactly, Baby A was 5lbs 10oz and Baby B was 6lbs 1 oz.

    Congrats for making it this far! It is so worth it when your babies can come right home with you! Good luck! 

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    Way to keeping them baking!!  You are so close to meeting your boys!
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    How exciting!  I had my twins at 37w, 6 days - Baby A weighed 6lbs., 9oz and Baby B was 5lbs., 11oz. 

    Good luck!

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    Induced at 38w5d. Babies were 5 lbs., 13.5 oz and 6 lbs. even.


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