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Tacky or Not? (Registry ?)

I was thinking of adding a fairly inexpensive ($150-ish) camcorder to our registry...like the Flip. We really want it to document baby, to share with family etc, not just our own benefit. Do you guys think this is tacky or not? I've stayed away from non-baby electronic items so far.


Re: Tacky or Not? (Registry ?)

  • I don't think so... I like my gadgets though. I registered for an FP crib cd player.
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  • We added one... about the same price-range.  None of our family members are close by, and with this being the first grand-baby for my parents, I think it's a great idea!

     Check out cnet for reviews. We changed from the flip to a cannon camcorder because the flip isn't compatible with the iMac we have. :)

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  • Totally not tacky, especially if you send a special "thank you" video if someone buys it.
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  • Personally, I wouldn't do it.
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  • I wouldn't do it.  I'd feel bad if someone got that for me honestly, it's not really baby gear.  I WOULD add it after the shower so I could use the completion coupon on it. 
  • Personally I would not do it, you may reason that it is for baby but others may not. Just my opinion, we will be buying one ourself. But I also wouldn't add a breast pump to my registry because I think it is tacky.
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  • Thanks for the advice! :) I feel pretty confident going either way now :) I may add it after the shower or mention it to my my mom in case someone like my grandma asks for ideas in that price range. I've bought a lot of the big ticket items for ourselves, so there isn't much left on there for that. Or maybe I'll ask for it as a Christmas present :)
  • I don't find it tacky. It's one of the things I got for my sister for her shower, since she lives on the other side of the country. Told her she'd better send me daily videos. :)
  • One thing you could do is mention to some close friends that that's what you want.  Then, maybe they could go in on it?  My friend just asked me if there was anything I wanted not on my registry.  I couldn't think of anything, but now maybe I'll tell her that!
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  • I personally wouldn't register for it.  It's the type of thing I would buy myself or maybe drop some clues to my sister and mom about.
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  • I am not sure what holidays you celebrate but you could always ask for it as a joint gift for you and your hubby from one of your family members or possibly ask for gift cards to wal-mart or best buy so you can buy it that way.  Just ask politely if they could give it to you as an "early" gift.
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  • Completely tacky

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