Mattress for Ikea Crib?

I know the Ikea cribs are pretty popular... did you buy an Ikea mattress or a different brand?  I really want to use the Simmons Comforpedic that is a harder infant mattress on one side and a little softer on the other for use as a toddler bed, but it looks like it might be slightly too big for the Ikea crib.  So many things to figure out and the weeks are flying by!
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Re: Mattress for Ikea Crib?

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    We got Colgate Classica III mattresses for our Gulliver cribs and they fit perfectly.  They are foam mattresses with one firmer side and one softer side.  I love that they are foam because they are lighter than traditional spring mattresses which makes it easier to changes sheets and such.  
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    We just purchased our Ikea crib last week and we went ahead and purchased an Ikea mattress as well.  I wanted to make sure we got one that fit.  I tried to get one of the firmer mattress' with springs because I'm nervous about a super soft mattress.  

    We purchased the Vyssa Vackert.

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    check the measurments.  Ikea cribs take standard mattresses- but not all standard mattresses are the same size - i learned this the hard way when i got 2 that were too small for the Ikea crib and had to return.

    we got the Safety 1st at Walmart that cost $40 each.... they fit great and are super firm, just like the $$$$ one we got DS1 from BBB.

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    We bought Simmons (coil) mattresses (don't remember the exact one).  They fit perfectly in the Gulliver cribs.
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