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Colorado State Maternity Leave?

I'm in the process of researching maternity leave laws for Colorado and was wondering if any of you have any information for me.
 I come from New Jersey where the state pays a percentage of your income while on 6 weeks of maternity leave.  I'm wondering if Colorado has any similar laws.  Or will I be broke during the time I take off. 
 I work for a small business that does not give any paid maternity leave.  I am allowed to take as much time as needed and am thinking of taking 8 weeks but trying to budget without my income is going to be tough. 
 Does anyone have any idea about this? 
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Re: Colorado State Maternity Leave?

  • Sorry to say I was in the same situation.  You will get nothing while you are on maternity leave.  Sad
  • I live in CO.  You don't get paid for maternity leave unless your employer offers it as a benefit.  I bought my own short term disability insurance for this reason so I'll get paid a little during the time I take off.
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  • I was only paid out what sick time and vacation time I had saved up and after a year and a half of not using any of it, I was able to have half of my 3 month mat leave paid for. But no, I did not receive anything else.
  • I saved up my vacation pay for my first son, (4 weeks) and will have about 3 weeks this time.  The state of CO offers nothing.  I also work for a small law firm that does not offer maternity leave with pay.  However, I get to be a SAHM after this one is born, so it won't really matter.  


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