Babies 3 months old....? regarding day sleep

How much do your 3-4 months (or did they) sleep during the day? Both are sleeping great at night.  My baby girl will wake up usually between 4-5am for a quick bottle and is back down until 7 or 7:30am (usually in bed by 7:45pm)

My baby boy goes down around 8:15pm and sleeps till around 6ish, wakes up for a bottle and is back up again around 8:30am

My daughter is SOOOO fussy...I'm wondering if it's lack of sleep?  She's napping good today- but most days she naps for 45 mins a few times a day. 

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Re: Babies 3 months old....? regarding day sleep

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    How long is she awake during the day, meaning between sleep times. The rule is no more than 2 hours max of awake time during the day. Now my smaller twin could not go more than 90 min. without needing to be put down for a nap, where the bigger twin could make it the whole 2 hours. But go past that 2 hours and it was meltdown city. They would become overtired so quickly and then could not fall asleep or if they did they did not nap well, only lasting like 20 min. or so. So if you are already following that 2 hour rule, maybe try getting her down a bit earlier and see if she is less fussy and sleeps longer. I will say at that age, 45 min. to hour is about the longest sleep period I got out of them until they started sttn 12 hours without getting up anymore. Then they would take about an hour in the morning and about 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the afternoon and about another 45 min. in the late afternoon.

    Like I said I would try getting her down just a little earlier for naps each time. Maybe get her ready first for nap and get her down and then go back for DS. This is what I did, I would start with the nap routine on the smaller twin and carry her upstairs to their crib and then by the time I was finished with her, I would come back down and start the routine again with my bigger twin because it would be almost 2 hours. I also think their naps will become a lot more consistant and longer once they stop getting up at night to eat and going 12 straight hours, at least that is what I found.

    Lastly, maybe try to get them down a little earlier at night. At 3 1/2 months adjusted we started training them to sttn 12 hours and not getting up to eat anymore and this is when we moved them to an early bedtime of like 6:30PM. This helped out a lot because they were just melting down at about 7:00 each night and once we moved up the bedtime (they were going down at 8PM before this time) they were much happier and more well rested.

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    i agree.  my twins are almost 4 months old.  i find that if i keep them up for about an hour to an hour and a half they are ready to be put down for a nap again.  they still sleep quite a bit during the day.  they sleep anywhere from 7-10 hours straight at night.
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