anxious about son leaving NICU and bottle feeding question

So we have been home with Lucy for one week, navigating the steep learning curve of first time parenthood. Leo is most likely being discharged from the NICU tomorrow, and while I'm 200% wanting him home -- I'm also really anxious. I feel like everything we just learned is going to be flipped on its head. DH and I have already split up the night - I go to bed at 8pm, he takes charge until midnight, then I'm back on. We're both nervous about how to do bottle feeding sessions on our own, in addition to me pumping at night. 

We have just been holding Lucy on our laps in the rocker and feeding her that way, but clearly that won't work with two babies. Please recommend your bottle feeding set-up for both babies. Boppies on the couch? Bouncer seats? One baby and then the other, or both simultaneously? 

As you can tell, I'm a bundle of nerves - TIA :)

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Re: anxious about son leaving NICU and bottle feeding question

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    No worries.

    I sat in the middle of the couch with a boppy on each side of me when I was alone.  When we're both home- we each take a baby.

    Then, once they got wiggly- I started using the bouncy seats and the rock n plays.  

    I always tried to do simultaneously, but sometimes one of them drinks really fast so I'm able to focus on the pokey one then.

     It's funny all the things we worry and obsess about and then it's like second nature. You will do great!

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    When DD first got out of NICU, we were a nervous wreck, but after a night or two, you start to get into a groove.  DD needed to eat sitting up because of choking and reflux and needed to remain sitting up for 20 min after.  Because of that, DH and I each took a baby to feed if they were both up at the same time.  After we could relax a little with her feedings, we split the night.  It was really rare that they were both up at the same time.  It usually was one would wake up and feed and just as they were going back down the other one would get up to feed. 

    On nights where we were feeding alone and both woke at the same time, we used either the car seat or bouncy chairs to feed them.  As they got a little bigger, we used their boppie pillows and still use that now (only now they can hold their bottles:) )

     One of the things we found to make night feedings easier is prep work.  We had everything ready to go in their room so once they woke up we had them changed and a bottle in their mouth before they got too aggitated.

    GL.  I am sure you and DH will do great.

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    I remember feeling the same way.  I was home with Nolan for a few days before Luke came home.  I had anxiety about how we were going to add the 2nd baby to the mix while at home.  During the night, my husband & I both woke up every 3-4 hours, took a baby, fed & changed him.  During the day, while DH was at work, I tried many methods for feeding until I found what actually worked for us.

    Before the boys had strong head control, I would prop each of them in a boppy on either side of me and feed them that way.  Once they had better head control, I used their bouncy chairs.  I sat on the floor with them with the chairs on either side of me and fed them that way.

     I couldn't feed one baby before the other because I'm a stickler for schedules & they were both hungry at the same times.  Good luck and try to's all going to work out!

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    When I'm alone, currently I'm feeding one baby then the other.  They seem to spit up more if you don't pay close attention and burp frequently, so one at a time is working better for us for now.  They've also gone from taking a bottle in 45 minutes while in the NICU to taking 15-20 minutes each for a bottle so this is working out fine time-wise for us right now.  Once they are a little less spitty, I will be switching to feeding both at the same time via boppy/bouncy as in previous posts.  

    When DH is home, whoever is "on-duty" changes both babies and gets bottles ready and delivers one bottle/baby to the sleeping parent and takes the other baby/bottle for that feeding.  Then we change places for the next feeding.  Whoever was just on-duty gets to rest while the other one prepares the next feeding.

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    Mine came home from the NICU on a four hour schedule and I just take one feed and burp that one then, do the next one.  Today they cried at the same time for the first time and I got the boppy, sat on the sofa, put both of them with their feet toward my stomach and went to town feeding them at the same time.  They were a mess but, it got them fed and saved me about 30 minutes.  : )

    Don't get down when you get him home.  It does take some trial and error but. you'll get there!  Let us know how it all goes.  I'm so glad Leo is getting to come home!  

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