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Last post tonight, I promise...

I really want to get a humidifier.  We're at a really high altitude (6,900 feet)... so the air is really dry.  I don't want Carter to end up with dry or irritated skin because of it.  My question is... what's the difference between a warm/cool mist humidifier.  What kind do I need?  How often do I run it?

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    I can't answer the question on the warm/cool mist as I can't remember what kind we have as we got it a while ago - I think it's a Bionaire, but basically you set it at a certain temperature/level of humidity that you want and it runs whenever needed. You have to make sure you fill the water up in there every day or so so that it can run.
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    My pedi says to stay away from the warm humis. Something about mold/bacteria. We have a cool mist one that we run only when LO needs it (has a cold, coughing, dry nose) and it's the penguin from  Target.  We love it.
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    DH is very sensitive to the dry air in the winter, so we run a humidifier every night during the cold months. We've tried several brands over the years, both warm and cool mist. Most run for about a year and stop working, which is very disappointing. 

    Finally we gave in and bought an expensive humidifier a couple years ago. I LOVE the humidifier we have now, and it's going on it's third year of use this year. At first I didn't want to get one that you had to replace filters on, but it's not really a big deal and this is the best humidifier we've ever owned. Works well, is quiet, and hasn't broken down yet!

    This is the humidifier we have: https://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_03215412000P?vName=Appliances&cName=Air+Purifiers+%26+Dehumidifiers&sName=Humidifiers&keyword=humidifier&prdNo=12&UnitNumber=&storeOpenDayInd=&blockNo=12&blockType=G12 

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    i just got one put right onto my furnace, i wasnt sure it would really matter, but I swear the difference in the house is amazing!!  It was hot n dry in here before and now it is cool and comfortable.   My kids seem to get nosebleeds very often which was why I chose to get it installed. 
    Mom of 4....and Sept 2013 BRIDE!!!!
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    We can't get through the winter without a humidifier in our bedroom.  I've never used a warm mist one, just a regular one.

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