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Throwing away diapers in a hotel?

What's the right way to dispose of diapers in a hotel? I'm especially worried about the poopy ones. Thanks!
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Re: Throwing away diapers in a hotel?

  • Most hotel rooms carry those little plastic baggies or "dirty clothes" bags. We used those when Quentin was still in diapers, and then would seal the bag up tight and place in the trash can. Those bags are good to seal in smells and go unnoticed. 

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  • I always travel with those blue scented dispoable diaper baggies. They come on a roll and last forever.  I got mine in Babies R Us but I think they are a pretty standard diaper-related item.  Whenever I am traveling, I fold-over the diaper, put it in one of the bags and make a tight knot. No mess, no smell.
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  • I keep ziploc bags in my diaper bag/purse or suitcase and put them in a ziploc bag then toss them in the trash.  I had some of the scented diaper baggies and I thought the scent was overwhelming so we just switched to ziploc.
  • As with all poopy diapers, we flush as much of the solid down the toilet as we can, fecal matter in landfills is not a good thing.  I usually have some plastic shopping bags with me so we just put one in there and tie it up good. 
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  • You can always take a few extra produce bags from the supermarket and tie up diapers up in those. My MIL has a ton of them for some reason, and she gave us a few rolls when DD was born. They work wonderfuly for dirty smelly diapers.  We very rarely had to double wrap diapers.  (We did not have a diaper genie).   We still use them for poop that doesn't make it's way in the potty. 

    Either that, or buy some cheap quart ziplock bags. 

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  • Most hotel trash cans have a few extra bags tucked down under the one in use; we pull those out and tie poopy diapers up in there.


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