2nd Trimester

Heartburn or Acid reflux?

I have woken up every night with the feeling that something is crushing my chest & choking my neck. It burns like crazy, and it's hard to breathe. To make matters worse, I end up feeling like I have a "bubble" in my chest/stomach all day. I've tried Zantac & Tums, but nothing seems to work. Annoying!   Angry
~ Mrs. G

Re: Heartburn or Acid reflux?

  • I've been taking Pepcid. It has a acid reducer and antacid and really helps my symptoms.

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  • I have had that feeling in the middle of the night also and it really messed with my "beauty" sleep. I did notice that the heartburn was out of control when I'd snack right before bed. Also, certain foods before bed made it worse. (orange juice, spicy, etc.) Drinking more water helped too. :)

    Adjusting what goes in my tummy (and when) before bed has seemed to help. Maybe try that? If that doesn't help and the anti-acids don't help, talk to your OB, I'm sure they'll have some advice. 

     Feel better! 

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  • Try Pepcid or Prevacid - both available OTC and my OB said they were fine to take. I've had acid reflux for YEARS (before being pregnant) and I have tried everything. :) Definitely try to avoid acidic foods - for me, big triggers of heartburn include: raw tomatoes, raw onions, orange juice and lemonade (in large quantities/ok in small or diluted). Eating bland food/carbohydrates might help (crackers, bagels, etc).     
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