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CIO question

Today I took DD over to my bestfriends house and her and my bestfriends daughter ran around the house screaming and playing for literally 2 hours.  When we left there she was hungry and exhausted so I came home and fed her lunch and put her down for a nap.  She did not want to nap at all.  She cried for 20+ minutes.  I rarely have to do CIO (she started STTN at 4 months) I feel cruel now for letting her cry that long but I knew she needed the nap.  Is 20 minutes too long to let her cry at 22 months?  She was fed and changed and all of that.  How long do you do CIO for naps?

Re: CIO question

  • I do CIO for 10-15 minutes, go check on him, rinse and repeat. 
    Usually if I go in after 10-15 minutes, he will request I read him a book or cover him up with his blankie, and then will go to sleep after about 5 minutes (will fuss a bit and then go to sleep).
    I usually only have to go in there once or twice.

    And no-- I don't think 20 min is too long. I do think that is the max I would do, though.  


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  • I had to let DD CIO about 2 weeks ago for a nap - we were visiting my GF and her kids at the beach and she was just insanely overstimulated from playing with all the older kids and it was like 2 hours past her nap.  It sucked big time, but she cried for 30ish minutes.  She went up and down and almost fell asleep a couple times, but would ratchet back up.  Not fun

    99% of the time though she goes down awake, even says bye when I leave the room. 

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