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annoyed with my job

so i called my head director to be excused from our staff meeting. i explain to her that i cannot make the meeting due to having complications with our pregnancy which require me to go to the doctor, the response i get is well then you will need to get me a drs note. like seriously couldnt you have some compassion
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Re: annoyed with my job

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    That sux, but does she know you've been having problems? My work has been incredibly understanding of all of my appts. I've been really shocked!!
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    As a previous manager of a lot of excuse makers, I totally understand your employer. In addition, even if you aren't the problem, they need to follow policy so everyone gets treated the same. Otherwise, when troublemakers don't follow the rules the employer can get in trouble for requiring more from them than from you. I think it's a great policyto require doctors notes to protect everyone employed.
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    some bosses are like that. compassion doesnt weigh much with a hard ball player, they made to where they are somehow, most likely not by being a sweetheart (maybe by being a ***). But i think im biased...my last manager was a prick lol just get the docs note and think about how much you want to keep your job in good standing, just vent about the compassion deprived head director to us or anyone to keep yourself sane. :)


    (A little off topic, more of a vent) my old manager (who i really liked, not the prick) got pregnant after trying for a really long time. she was fired not to long after for something that had nothing to do with her. we think it was personal with our head manager, who was quoted saying "i worked on the floor for 8 and a half months of my pregnancy with no problem" in regards to my manager taking some extra time off to care for her LO. every preggos different and i hate when a woman who has had an easy pregnancy tries to belittle a woman who's had to work a bit harder for the safety of her child. its really lame that theres people out there like that.

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