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Snap, crackle, pop - anyone else?

Up until last week I felt like my back was really stiff. You know when it feels like it's out of alignment and then you move suddenly or lay down a certain way and it pops into place? I felt like that needed to happen, but I couldn't prompt it. It was uncomfortable, and usually I can get things aligned with various Pilates poses, etc., but it wasn't happening. This week, my whole body is cracking and popping with every movement! I stretch my neck, and my whole neck pops. I move a certain way, and my hip pops. Same with my back. And it feels GOOD, like my body is adjusting itself without any effort on my part. I'm sure it's just trying to do what it needs to in order to get aligned for the baby and birth. Anyone else experiencing this? It's pretty amazing that my body seems to be doing it on its own! I've heard that chiropractic work before birth can really help a woman's pelvis and body to align as it needs to for birth. I'm still considering going to a chiropractor that has worked specifically with pregnant women within the next few weeks, but I'm really pleased that my back/hips already feels like they're better aligned than they were a week ago.

Anyone else's bones seem to be snapping and cracking into place?

Re: Snap, crackle, pop - anyone else?

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    It doesn't sound as bad as what you are experiencing, but I am OVER my hips constantly feeling out of socket.  I have to swing my leg in this weird way to get it back in, and it isn't always convenient to do that.  :)
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    Everytime I change positions in bed or try to get out of bed my hips/pelvis pops. I sound like a bowl of rice Krispies! And my gait has been pretty horrendous.
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