2nd Trimester

I miss sleep

The past few night I have not been able to sleep at all. I just toss and turn. I sleep on one side for a few minutes, roll over, look at the clock, fall asleep for a few more minutes, and then it repeats all over again. I'm exhausted! I haven't even been able to take my normal afternoon nap. If the baby is preparing me for sleepless nights, I think I still have a while to go before I need that. 
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Re: I miss sleep

  • I feel ya. I wake up a million times during the night to pee and I can never get comfortable enough to fall back asleep.
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  • That and the fact that my lil one thinks my womb is his own personal moon bounce....all night long....I am convinced he is preparing me for his all nighters that he is going to pull once he is here...
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  • I'm right there with you. I usually always sleep on my left side but the only way i can get comfy is to lay on my back :( Which I know is bad in pregnancy later on. Although once I fall asleep I only get up long enough to pee. If I don't turn the lights on i can fall asleep fairly fast(i have nightlights i use instead) When I wake up to pee and when i wake up for work I feel like an old lady having to hold by back. It's getting old.  Hope you find an easier way to get some rest.

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  • We are totally getting a new mattress as soon as we can.  I know what you are feeling.  And I am a back sleeper too... this is going to be awful.
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  • I feel ya! I use to look forward to bed time. Now I dread it. I can't ever get comfy. I'm up peeing all the time. Not to mention I've always slept on my tummy... to say they least I can't sleep that way anymore. :)

    Someone suggested unisom sleep melts. (okayed by the OB) I'll be trying them out for the first time tonight.  

    Good Luck to us all! haha! Sweet Dreams!

  • I am the same way. I hate sleeping on my side so i toss and turn all night... not to mention the countless trips to the bathroom!
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