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Teen Mom anyone??

Has anyone been watching Teen Mom this season?? If so, what do you think of it so far?

I'm watching it right now, but I'm not very interested in this one...


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Re: Teen Mom anyone??

  • I feel horrible for Farrah she really got the shaft on the car thing.. but it was a scam come on!!! 

    Amber & Gary , Catelynn & Tyler annoy the crap out of me

    and I really want Macy to get together with that boy.. however half the time I have no idea what he is saying.

  • Did anyone else notice that Farrah's baby was not properly strapped into her car seat while she was with the friend???  One side was twisted and it was loose!  Tongue Tied
  • I always cringe when I see the kids in the car seats!!
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  • Ive seen it a couple times,  but I get sick to my stomach watching Farrah. Leaving the baby outside, and stuff like being in the livingroom with the baby in the kitchen sink then she turned on the hot water.  I thought I was going to throw up it made me so scared for that little girl.  I wonder how offen the film crew has stepped in so that poor kid doesnt get hurt. 
  • Amber seriously needs anger management classes.  Farrah is just a brat but it seems like she's starting to come around.  I want to take Catelynn in my home so she has somewhat of a stable life.  Her mother is absolutely atrocious.  Maci is nuts moving to be with Kyle.  I mean I understand puppy love but she's what 20 years old and is thinking this is the guy.  She has it awesome at home with her parents and she's giving that up for Kyle, who can't articulate a sentence?  I used to like her the best but she's slipping down on my list.
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